Chen, X. B., & Rudzewitz, B. (2017).

This is a full day workshop to introduce to language educators the Unstructured Information Management Framework (UIMA) for analyzing authentic and learner-produced texts. The UIMA framework is a software system that features highly-modularized, reusable, and scalable analysis of large volumes of unstructured information such as texts, audio, and video. The audience will be introduced to the basic concept of the UIMA framework and learn how to incorporate Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools into UIMA for various tasks involving automatic text analysis, such as readability assessment, error detection, and exercise generation, etc. They will also write their first analysis engine to analyze the syntactic complexity of learner productions.

Installation Guide
Slides: NLP for Language Learning
Slides: System Demonstration 1
Slides: System Demonstration 2
Slides: UIMA